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All round short board for every one :)

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The Release Short board

Shape overview:

All round short board

This one's been my favourite short board for a while, 5'11 by 18 1/2 by 2 3/8 rounded square.

 The Release has more continuous rocker throughout the whole board, Enough to keep the board fast and responsive in the pocket , though still enough drive through flat sections, deeper single to double con caves, rolled rails into boxy through the tail, fast responsive smooth while it releases of the top with ease. I have hidden the foam throughout the board while it still looking like a high performance short board, it holds itself from 1 ft to 6 ft & paddles great


A medium to low smooth rail , forgiving up front and bitty in the back


Tail Shape Options:

The more favourite tail with this is a rounded square  or small swallow


Bottom Contours:

Deep  single concave with a double though the fin area flowing out to though to single in the tail to keep the drive all the way through your turns


Fin Options:

Future or Fcs ( see fin guide to accommodate you with a template )


Wave Size:

1 to 6 ft


Rocker / Flip:

Smooth continuous rocker  from nose to tail 





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All round short board for every one :)