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Time for the grommet to lay some rail.

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The Grommet Short board

Shape overview:

Time for the grommet to lay some rail

The Grommet Model has been a popular model for the Groms.This is a great all round board. Basically I have taken everything I have learnt over the years and shrank it into a performance board for the groms. The rocker, rails and plan-shape have been refined to suit a young whippy grommet who is wanting to challenge their surfing and take it to the next level. This board will allow groms to throw their weight around and start turning on rail with power, speed and looseness. It's still forgiving while being high performance and more refined. This is a great board for the Grom that wants to take it to the next level. A medium to low smooth rail , forgiving up front and bitty in the back, I've hidden some extra width in the outline for a stronger longer lines, to help the groms progress in there surfing


Tail Shape Options:

The more favourite tail with this is a rounded square  or small swallow


Bottom Contours:

Deep  single concave with a double though the fin area flowing out to though to single in the tail to keep the drive all the way through your turns


Fin Options:

Future or Fcs


Wave Size:

1 to 6 ft


Rocker / Flip:

Smooth continuous rocker  from nose to tail. 

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Time for the grommet to lay some rail.