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The Falcon is a small fat small wave board , wide nose and wide tail.

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Shape overview: 


The Falcon is a small fat small wave board , wide nose and wide tail , leaving you heaps of room to hold your turns in the small crap we can get , It's a smaller squished down version of my semi fish which is an all rounder , The falcon has a lot more forward foam under the chest, all so to hold you up through those turns , It comes as a 3 or a 5  finned board giving you the choice of a Quad when it's small and when the waves a little bigger a thrusters , you can ride this little toy up to 5 inches smaller than your short board and 1/2 to 3/4 an inch wider than, & 1/16 thicker.. It's a really fun explosive board sizes 5'4 to 6'6

Great paddler




Medium to with enough left to get her rail in while being forgiving


Tail Shape Options:


A wide rounded square works best with this , keeps her drive and loose in the small mush


Bottom Contours:


Deep single concave running though out the board with a medium Double concave


Fin Options:

Future or FCS

Thruster or 5 Fin

Wave size and type of surfing:

Small to Med surf, perfect for launching.


Rocker / Flip:

Low entry rocker  with enough tail flip to release the tail when needed.

Jon recommends you order the Falcon 4" shorter than your short board and 3/4" to a 1" wider and 1/16" thicker.


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The Falcon is a small fat small wave...