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When the Falcon just needs to be prepared for a bit more size in the water, The Condor steps in to give you dependable design and performance.

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Shape overview:

The Condor is the step up  of the Falcon , where's the falcon is a 3 ft & under board, the condor is more of a 2 to 5ft board , A more refined out line , not as wide in the tail giving you more control and speed through turns, refined nose area in comparison. I've still kept the principles of the falcons s-deck for paddling , though with extra rocker to release the board through turns, and lower rails , you will get a lot more out of this little rocket


Medium to low rails


Tail Shape Options:

This board comes with a what I'd call a smooth diamond tail squash ...


Bottom Contours:

Single concave transcending though the board with a double concave running under the chest tough out the between the fins , keeping her fast and responsive


Fin Options:

The condor can come as Future or Fcs ( see fin guide to accommodate you with a template ) 3 to 5 fin



Wave size and type of surfing:

2 to 5ft

Rocker / Flip:

A low consistent even rocker with a little tail flip.

Jon says to order this model 2" to 3" shorter than your shortboard and 3/4" wider and the same thickness as you normally like.

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