Whos Shaping your Board "Jon McLeay".

It is Jon McLeay. Jon was lucky enough to be born with Ambidextrous arms in Invercargill in 1976, NZ. He later moved to PNG with his parents when he was 4 years old.

In the age of 12 years he came to Australia and started surfing the waves at South Narrabeen. In 1993 Jon shaped his first surfboard in his dad's garage. He just wanted to make his own board, Then his mates bought them then things grew , with his admiration of a true craftsmen he stocked to it and mastered the process.
Jon never tried to be influenced by anyone, he never watched anyone shaping. He always wanted to use his own mind and his own hands.
Certainly, he saw nice boards on his way but he never copied any style. To start off, Jon sanded other shaper's boards, which gave him a broad overview of different shapes and foils of boards.
Jon has always been loving the old art forms of shaping (single fins twin fins etc.). Rather than creating generic short boards, he modernised these shapes, which enhanced and broadened his skills.
Jon sees surfing itself as an art form. He wants to bring the brain & the soul back into surfing:

"Do machines have warm blood? Do they feel the board? Hand shaping equals sculpturing, so home your skills. Support the art form, support life. Feel the energy from the shaper! Reject mass production! Why cheat yourself on the life less ordinary?" - Jon McLeay

One thing that has always been important to me is the fact that I have been able to do what I actually enjoy (and have always enjoyed) doing throughout my life. In that respect, I consider myself lucky to meet new people and customers through my work that become friends in a growing relationship while building your new surfboards that may take you into your own escape & joy. Remember a good Shaper is like a good doctor...

I believe that my job is like being a great doctor I need to listen and advise and find the right antidote , I have spent my years of learning the art of hand shaping since I was 16 of and on not taking the shortcut like so many rail rollers of today's shapers , Some might say that a computer shaper that has not done his time is like a person doing a weekend chiropractor course and calling them self a shaper for notoriety, no one wants a hack to fix their backs , I have learnt from the basics and the hard yards for about 20 years and only now I feel ready and excited to expand my learning into the word of machines and computers , Don't get me wrong I love to hand shape a board from scratch ,it's a dyeing art form and should be protected and passed on , but I also like to be payed for my job , so I have spent the last 4 years learning the program ( shape 3D ) to cut down my man hours & spend more time on design refining and balance a broad range of boards. I have being using one of the best machines in the world ,the KKL machine. Where I have done a combination of scanning and programming to perfect my large ever growing quiver of boards, some 50 plus board models, for you guys to smile longer in the ocean were ever you are..
Remember you can't play golf with a putter ,just like surfing boarder your quiver for a more hole experience of surfing...

So to bite the bullet after so many years of putting a knife into those machines I have enjoyed putting my 20 years of hand shaping into a program to produce your new magic sticks, and yes I do really appreciate when you guys still come in and don't mind paying a little extra to get a unique hand shaped craft ...

Enjoy and thanks for reading & come and visit your new stick being made

peace :)

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