Ding Repair

Quick turn around

At Chaos we like you to get you back in the water as quick as possible,

Our repairs can take as little as a day turn around for a little as $40 extra on the quoted price , and if you willing to wait a little longer it's a 5 day turn around that won't hurt the hip pocket,

Short boards:   $50 minimum

Long boards:   $80 minimum

Epoxy Surfboard:  $80 minimum

Epoxy Long boards:  $110 minimum


Quick turnaround:  extra $30

If you would like to have your board sprayed and colour matched we can fix that for you , just ask at the time for quoting , $20 extra varies board to board

Surfboard Refurbished:

Is always case by case but bring it in for a honest quote , but bring them in I love to give them a long awaited birthday shine and fix there bruises, It's amassing how great they can look with a little or a lot TLC

A fully restored surfboard Dents levelled dings sealed and re gloss coated is $100 per foot of the board

If really bad can be $130 per foot 


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