Shipping & packing


Shipping & Packaging

When shipping both within Australia and international we want to ensure that your board arrives in mint condition. First, we wrap the board in a heavy-duty double sided bubble wrap. Then we add heavy duty cardboard rail protectors, and tape the fins together onto the board. The board is then packed into a custom double-walled carbord board box for final shipping. This packaging is strong and safe, ensuring that your new board arrives in the same condition that it leaves the factory.

Important Note about Receiving Your Board and Signing Consignment Notes

When receiving your board please be sure to unpack the board while the driver is present, and inspect for damage. If the board is damaged in any way please mark the con-note as 'damaged' before signing that you have received it.

If the driver cannot wait for you to unpack the board, and the box shows ANY signs of possible damage, such as scuffs, crushing, or holes, please mark the con-note as 'box damaged' even if you cannot sight it on the board. If you fail to do this, and unpack the board later and find it damaged, we cannot claim for you.

All of our shipments with Fast Way Couriers are fully insured, but the con-note MUST be marked as 'damaged' or 'box damaged' for us to make a successful claim on your behalf - by signing the con-note without this written on it, you are acknowledging that the board was received in good order.




Order Before 11:00pm AEST, and Metro areas on the east coast, will receive their items in 1 to 4 Business days. The rest of the country are expected to receive  items within 3 to 14 Business days.

The Delivery time By Chaos Surfboards Pty Ltd are estimates only and can be better than quoted and worst at times, Chaos Surfboards Pty Ltd will not be accountable for late deliveries or loss or damage relating to late deliveries.

Shipping Rates

Surfboards Under 6'7 Free

  • Australia
    • QLD Free
    • NSW Free
    • VIC Free
    • SA Free
    • ACT Free
    • WA Free
    • TAS Free
  • Rest of World (We are looking into it for you )

Clothing & Accessories

  • Australia - Free over $100 - " Surfboards Under 6'7 "
  • Any product under the cost of $100 will be charged at the going rate by Australia Post witch is put together on our site at the time of delivery, and will be added together at the time in the final check out . For total cost including in delivery, 
  • Any delivery that fits outside the criteria can be asked for approval through by email: ,or phone :0299072769




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