Chaos Philosophy.


“Welcome to Chaos – the best place to buy a quality alternative surfboard in Sydney, Australia.

My aim with Chaos Surfboards is to ensure customers that buy surfboards here will receive a unique board, designed with precise attention to detail. Each individual shape serves as an original personal representation of my craftsmanship, allowing me to embed my knowledge and experience into each and every surfboard I shape.

I'm not your run of the mill shaper, so when you decide to buy a surfboard, don’t queue forever waiting for a board that is generic and ‘almost done’ – experience real service at Chaos. I’ve cut out the middle man and create handmade custom surfboards from start to finish, providing shapes that meet the high performance standards that Chaos continue to set. Visit the Chaos surfboard store in Brookvale, Sydney and talk directly to the skilled board shaper who will fine tune the surfboard of your dreams.”

Cheers, Jon

Australia’s Surfboard Experts-Chaos Philosophy

“The flapping of a single butterfly’s wing today produces a tiny change in the state of atmosphere.”

-Ian Stewart

Our philosophy at Chaos is based upon the chaos theory of sensitivity, and the effect small occurrences have on our surroundings – commonly referred to as the Butterfly Effect. This theory suggests that if a single butterfly flaps its wing today it produces a tiny change in the state of the atmosphere, which over a period of time, causes the atmosphere to deviate from its original course. So, in the near future, such an effect may cause a tidal change to deliver the perfect wave when you least expect it.

At Chaos surfboards that concept is a vital component in our thinking. We believe that the subtle difference in every handmade custom surfboard we create can make all the difference in the world. Jon is a master craftsman and creates a board that suits your needs and gives you the stick you require to be successful. So don’t let sub-par boards deter your surfing, come into Chaos and browse our range of surfboards for sale that will help you score the waves you deserve.

Visit our Sydney surfboard store and talk to Jon, explain your skill level and the kind of waves you love to surf and he will shape a unique custom surfboard which is sure to improve your surfing experience.

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